zondag 2 juni 2013

Little Striped Books part 3

Last January another book with my illustrations was added to De Gestreepte Boekjes (Little Striped Books). Sadly enough the publisher decided not to continue with new publications, so this will be the very last book with my illustrations in this series.

I enjoy illustrating children's books very much indeed. I also consider myself quite lucky that I have been allotted books with such adventurous themes, a topic that suits me very well. This last book is no exception. It's called Het mysterie van de moai (The mystery of the moai) and is written by Bianca Nederlof. It's a thrilling story that takes place on Easter Island, a most enjoyable book to read for children in the age of 9-12.

In my previous blog entries about Little Striped Books I wrote about the process of making illustrations. I supplied this process with an extensive commentary. Again I would like to show you this development from first rough sketch to final result, but this time I will leave out the commentary. After all, I've done this already in the other entries and there's no use in repeating myself. If you feel that you need some written explanation to accompany the images, you will learn more reading my entries over here and here.

This is the first illustration of Het mysterie van de moai :

This illustration can be found on page 10:

And here's another illustration:

Of course these are only a few of the illustrations I've made for this book. To view all illustrations one has to purchase the book itself. Likewise for those who master the Dutch language and would like to read this story by Bianca Nederlof. More information about Little Striped Books and their webshop can be found on this website.